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Anna Dęga

mgr Anna Dęga
Marzena Thlon:
- You've been teaching English. For how long?

Anna Dęga:
- I started to work in 1998, so it's about 6 years.

Marzena Thlon:
- When did you decid to become an English teacher and what were the circumstances?

Anna Dęga:
- When I started to study English philology I just wanted to learn English. I didn't think about becoming a teacher, but it happened. To tell the truth J have never regret that.

Marzena Thlon:
- Did you have dreams about future in childhood, but not connected with teaching?

Anna Dęga:
- As a child I was fascinated with Australia. I wanted to go and live there. After some time it passed a little but still I like to read and get to know new things about that country.

Marzena Thlon:
- Have you experienced a funny situation at work?

Anna Dęga:
- I can't think of any, but translations, especially from English to Polish are a laugh

Marzena Thlon:
- What do you feel when you are giving the lowest mark?

Anna Dęga:
- Sometimes I am distressed, but in most of cases I'm irritated because students don't spend to much time on learning, which in the case of learning a language is very important.

Marzena Thlon:
- What do you think about "perfect parenting"?

Anna Dęga:
- I'm not sure if something like this really exists, but for me a good mannered person doesn't curse because I really hate that.

Marzena Thlon:
- Do you have some advice for students about learning?

Anna Dęga:
- The most important thing is orderliness and a regular contact with a foreign language, listening and watching programs on foreign channels. Internet is also very useful.

Marzena Thlon:
- Whose example do you follow?

Anna Dęga:
- I think my mom.

Marzena Thlon:
- Why is that?

Anna Dęga:
- She can deal with every hard life situation and she's also a great cook.

Marzena Thlon:
- Do you believe in "pink elephants" and why?

Anna Dęga:
- No I don't.

An interview with Mrs. Anna Dęga was made by Marzena Thlon on the 5th Jan 2005

translator: Korneliusz Olejniczak


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